I have always loved to create.  My early love of pinch pots, embroidery and photography evolved to ceramics, oils, acrylics and now BEESWAX!  I pursued the “creative part” of business, or marketing, as I saw it.  Ad agency work led to marketing jobs, but it wasn’t until I became a mom that I gave art my true attention.  Many preschool hours were spent at paint class working through the emotional roller coaster of parenting the early years.  As I have continued to experiment with art, a constant has been my love for the connection between art and human stories.  Life is a series of stories and telling them through encaustic painting is my most meditative state. As my life evolves, so does my art. 


In this chapter of my story, I have survived a few big health scares and the family I have nurtured for 25 years is flying the coop.   I am both reflective and spontaneous at the same time.  It makes me want to capture the feelings I have in my art.   My art allows me to dwell on my thoughts about people I cherish.  I often translate those musings into encaustic pieces by way of color palettes, textures, embedded objects or whatever makes me think of them.  My custom pieces include photos, wedding invitations, and tidbits to capture just the right “things.”   Life is short and the most important part of it is the ones you love.  They are the voices in my head, the laughter in my memories, and the happiness in my heart.  I hope that is what comes out in the stories of my art.